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I am from India and Masters graduate in Strategic Design in Berlin.

I am very passionate about Strategic Design, creating and applying various methodologies to solve problems. Strategic Design lies at the intersection of innovation management, brand strategy and creative processes management. My projects have different methodologies at core, namely Design Thinking, Service Design, Speculative Design, System Design Thinking, Participatory/Co Design, Branding etc.

A customer-centric mindset with a strong understanding of usability is the key. I continuously aim to learn from art, books, people and their stories. I enjoy working and networking with people with complementary skills and mindset because those are times where everyone learns the most. For me an ideal team is the one which has a strong desire to create a remarkable result. I can work seamlessly both as an independent consultant and a motivating team player

It is important to me that I have an impact on people’s life through my work, my driving force is Gratitude and Humanity.

I have travelled over 32 countries and have a rich exposure to different cultures.



1. Intern, Van Schagen Architekten, Rotterdam, Netherlands /2012

2. Strategist & Designer @Chandigarh Coaching Centre /2013-2017

I have worked since before my bachelor with Strategy & Design at this education institute. From 2013-15, I set the tone of communication for advertisement and branding and worked on digital and print design (later under my venture Walnut co as described below). From 2015-17 I have been their consultant designer. I have also been a part of the strategic decision of introducing digital visual learning with 3D software for Science subjects.

3. Co-founder & Designer @WalnutCo /2014-16

I started this company after my bachelor as an umbrella company for Designers and Architects along with a partner. I was the head of design, and made the strategic choice to centre Walnut Co’s service around popular local businesses of the city and develop considerable design reputation leading to accelerated word of mouth marketing. The business services were provided strategic advertising, graphic design, research, product launches, festive launches, branding & corporate branding, brand positioning, photography etc. Nevertheless, I also provided critical assistance in to my partner and head of architecture.

4. Strategic Designer @Artnite Berlin, Germany/2017

5. Strategic Designer thesis intern @SkelEx, Rotterdam, Netherlands/2018

I wrote my thesis at the company SkelEx with the topic User-centred product optimization – Customization of exoskeletons for heavy duty workers. It involved intensive research with different methodologies, Design thinking and dealt with user centric company culture at core levels.

  • Problem research and problem development to create a problem statement
  • User research, insight finding, competitive mapping, ideation and co-creation workshops for user testing and employee communication, concept development, and implementation
  • Assistance in cultural change at the company, to empower and foster user-centred innovation
  • Running co-creation workshops from user testing for developing a new feedback loop to ideation of company strategy and implementing the results into the company’s structure and processes
  • Evaluation and suggestion of improvement in existing product and service related processes through relevant tools and methodologies, to improve top notch communication within the company, with clients and the end users.



  • Research Methodologies, Ethnography, Design Thinking, Prototyping


  • Client, customer & User insight, User experience, User-centric innovation


  • Concept, Product & Process development, Ideation tools, Strategic Thinking, System Design Thinking, Organizational design, Participatory Design, Workshop design and implementation


  • Excellent Communication, Storytelling, acquiring clients & users


  • Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Microsoft


  • Office, Sketch



  • Social Psychology
  • Power of Habit