DeThink Software (Design Thinking)

Project team: Alone

Year: 2017

Project: University and beyond
Inspiration: Based on needs of users (myself and classmates) Multi cultural/language enviornment, need of efficient collaboration, Quick decision making, tools in one place, accessing content of previous project

Goal: Efficient future of Design Thinking for Students, Project Managers, HPI and other design schools

Recent researches show that digital collaboration is top priority in the creativity and education sector, but designers and students face difficulties to make successful use of digital technologies in team projects. Digital innovations for these purposes are frequently seen as unintuitive, disconnected and inefficient by the users. Furthermore, the collaborative strategies initiated with digital technologies are not bridging the barriers of culture, language, time and long-distance work.

The first tangible prototype toolbox for Design Thinking Methodology was “Stamp Tool”  – stamp the template of the required tool on sheet of paper to work together on it with the team. A box containing “Design Thinking template stamps” could be stored with other materials like post-its etc. Taking it a step forward after its successful testing completion, I iterated it to imagine its future. It was important to create a product in which the keystone element was Collaboration. 

The Design Thinking Toolbox as a digital product can be used to increase the efficiency, connectivity and productivity through a new touch point software for online collaboration. Current offline brainstorming methods can develop into “from-anywhere” “any language translation” work instantly through this software. This toolbox as a software product is the future of team work and online collaboration, namely DeThink.

The concept has some key features such as:

  • It works like Google Docs for simultaneous use of board for Post-its, with Time Timer
  • Language translation (in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams, this was found to be very useful because sometimes language and vocabulary can be a barrier and causes discomfort),
  • Stamps or Templates of all design thinking tools available,
  • Every project uses different methods and different tools. Saving each project’s data and meeting output digitally is very valuable.

PLEASE NOTE: Through user-centric mindset, I was able to conceive this idea much before Whiteboard solutions came into the market, and have exactly the above mentioned basic features. Infact, whiteboard solutions are coming in market and becoming mainstream in 2020 due to COVID-19.

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.07.49 AM.png
The first presentation for prototype
Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 2.06.35 AM.png
Software brand and logo of Dethink for Designers and Strategic designers
Design Thinking Process Phases
methodology tool-03.png
Dethink software – tools on the left side under the “phase”(second image) of design thinking process, Post-its on right side. Collaboration and Voting on the top Menu bar.

Tools: Idea mixer, Storyboard, Touchpoint and user journey, Prototyping, Brain writing, Lean Canvas and Business Model