Project: Social innovation. Target chosen was bottle collectors in Berlin. For more data on the project, please contact me.

Project team: 3

Project: University



Final Product:


Initial pitch 

For bottle disposers who want to help homeless by putting bottle outside the bin, PF🍾NDME is a street game that benefits bottle collecting community by changing the disposing pattern and make it efficient for bottle collectors and playful for people. The bottle becomes the transparent currency for helping the homeless collectors.


There had been immense focus on how to create a game to motivate people in not disposing bottles randomly and to benefit the bottle collectors so that they need not look in the trash and thus gain dignity and also prevent injuries. The focus on game as solution shifted to communication in order to maximise social impact.


User Personas and Stakeholders


A brand of drink called PFANDME was created. The drink was to create a social impact.


What if this brand is created as a channel to connect and a canvas to express the 3 stakeholders?


PFANDME Worskshop

In our partnership with NGO, collectors and volunteers are invited to participate in regular workshops. We empower collector to express themselves by customising PFANDME drink label.

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 9.12.11 AM

Every bottle’s drink label has an expression of a collector and his/her name

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Three instructions are given on the bottle tag on how to help the collector
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First: Find the Collector and give the bottle directly
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Second: Leave the bottle below or beside the bins
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Third: Keep this label to find the story being the P, all stories can be found on the website



9 Prototypes tested