Sustainability Manifesto

Project team: Alone

Project: Sustainability Manifesto
Inspiration: Redesign existing interaction

Goal: Inspire communication about sustainability


My Sustainability Manifesto is designed as a receipt. The contents of this receipt is my standpoint on sustainability.

To design the receipt it was very important that when it is seen and held, it must look and feel exactly like a receipt. To achieve the precise impression, I used 1/4″ x 50′ Thermal Receipt Paper and the font Courier.



Capitalism supresses Sustainability
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Sustainability is discussed and ignored at the same time.

Producers and Consumers of products and services communicate through different channels about various topics including sustainability. What happens?

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Communication fails



How could I, as a Strategic Designer communicate about Sustainability to provoke thought in people who ignore the issue and simultaneously inspire people who believe in bringing change?


Thus, I looked at the existing interaction between consumers and producers and found a tangible interaction which is a proof of capitalism.




Proof of Capitalism – bills and receipts consumers receive after purchase/payment
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Hence, I set out to design my Sustainability Manifesto as a Receipt. Designed and printed on 1/4″ x 50′ Thermal Receipt Paper and the font Courier.